this is a thing that fucking happened in the show okay

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Things like this just blow me away. Because whatever Jensen’s reason was for putting his hand *right there* it is still an incredibly intimate thing to do. Not intimate like sex per say, but intimate like, “I am very comfortable and familiar with physical contact with you.” 

They like touching each other. Casually, all the time. Think what you will of “cockles” but this is absolutely true.

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season 9 meme: favorite [character] quotes » Dean Winchester

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Is Sherlock Watson good enough for you?


I just realized that in this godforsaken scene:



When Sherlock says “I think it could work”

He’s saying I think the name Sherlock Watson could work”

And then John, still laughing, realizes what he just heard and does a sort of puzzled look back up at Sherlock:



And Sherlock just:




And in conclusion, we’re not exactly looking at an aborted declaration of love.

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jared being a cutie pie [x]

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every song is a ship song if you’re in too deep

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lmao people mock fanfiction but when u think about it some people manage to create novel-length stories that are extremely well written without getting paid and they do it on top of school and work and everything else in their lives just because they love to write and they love the original story or the people they write about like im pretty sure that’s more productive than being the person who is just sat there laughing at it all

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